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Registrations will open on the 20th of February – Cut off for registrations is the 17th of March, 9pm. \

If you want to find out about placings at Australind email the registrar@ajsc.org.au  if we have places in the requested age groups you will be wait listed and asked to register as teams are allocated

Questions? – read our FAQ page before registering – should answer just about everything you need to know about game times, uniform, girls registrations, payment options…

Volunteers Required This year a refundable volunteer levy per family will be added to your registration - Check out all the ways to Volunteer Here and nominate what you can do during our registration process.  Once you have volunteered the levy will be refunded.

Heavily discounted Under 6 and Under 7 registrations for 2020.  Fixtured games each Saturday of the season (terms 2 and 3 but not school holidays or long weekends) 


Season 2020 and COVID19 May Update


Australind Junior Soccer Club Season 2020 and COVID19 - May Update

Easing of Restrictions and Season 2020 Proposal

Key points to note

  • We continue to be guided by advice from WA Department of Health, Department of Sport and Recreation and our governing bodies and will respond as this received and updated.
  • Contact Training up to 10 people is now permitted, no shared equipment (BYO ball etc) and social distancing must be maintained.  AJSC will be controlling time slots etc. See details below about training.
  • Further easing is expected on 18th of May that will allow training for full team (20 People Max) this continues to be non contact and no equipment (BYO Ball) and will advise further if any changes.
  • Provided easing of restrictions continues, a return to full training and scheduling of round 1 fixture is expected after the 15th of June (Saturday 20th June is proposed as round 1 at this stage)
  • Team Allocations are expected to be ready and announced after the 26th of May.  Your coach will be contact at this time to advise training times etc
  • AJSC are proposing a reduction in Fees based on number of rounds played more details below on this or for our refund info refer to AJSC FAQ page for further details http://www.ajsc.org.au/wspAJSCFAQ.aspx

If you have any concerns you can contact us via FB PM or Registrar@ajsc.org.au or



We are seeking clarification on the 10 people (and increase to 20 people) restrictions to understand if this is by team or club and is it affected by areas available. 

Whilst we work though this AJSC will providing approval to train and controlling the time slots to manage these restriction and social distancing – worst case is that only one team will be permitted to train at a time.  ASJC will work though coaches to set these timeslots

Coaches must make a request to AJSC for training timeslot, this will then require oval booking and confirmation

No shared equipment – both personal and club equipment. The equipment shed remains closed until such times as we are permitted to share equipment and can put in place appropriate controls for it’s cleaning etc. 

As parents and siblings that attend are counted in the 10 (or 20) they need to remain in cars in carpark if they are to stay to ensure coach can stick to the required numbers i.e. Players and invited assistants only.

At this stage all attendees at training are to bring their own ball and hand sanitizer.  Social distancing is to be strictly enforced.  A more detailed information on hygiene expectations at Training is available and has been provided to coaches requesting permission to train

Option to training is solely at the discretion of your coach and they will be in contact with you if they are proposing to do this.

Fee Reductions/Refunds

At this stage we are going to have a reduced season in terms of number of rounds – AJSC will refund proportionally any fees that it can due to the reduced number of rounds.

AJSC Fees are made of 3 distinct components

  • External Body Fee (CCJSA, Football West, FFA) – We don’t make decisions on the value of these and will refund any reduction that is offered to us in full.
  • AJSC Fixed Component – Certain smaller portion of Fees are fixed – we need to pay these regardless of number of rounds in a season etc (Software Fees, Wages, Trailer Registrations, Equipment Replacement etc)   We are reviewing all potential costs that can defer this year (equipment replacements etc) to allow a reduction in this area.
  • ASJC Variable Component – Larger portion of our fees is variable, as the number of rounds is reduced so is the cost (Referees, Oval Hire, Lighting, Canteen Staff etc) This will be refunded based on final number of rounds fixtured.  The volunteer levy paid is considered a variable part and will be included in the reduction and refund as well.

The committee will continue to review and will make the reduction in fees known once a season fixture is published and expectations around managing

The AJSC policy of full refund up to and including the 3rd round on the season will not apply if the season is 5 or less rounds – request for refund will need to be made week prior to the first round in this case.

Refunds will be via Bank Transfer only and made on a Fortnightly basis as bank details are provided.  You will receive email request for bank details once the reduction and refund is known and season has commenced.


Effective from 14th May 2020 to 15th June 2020 unless update issued prior


Australind Junior Soccer Club

Club Purpose

Australind Junior Soccer Club aims to build a stronger community through soccer by ensuring positive lessons and skills are attained from participation in team sport and that these are able to be carried by our junior members into their adult lives.

Club Aspiration

To develop AJSC as the club of choice for all juniors in our captive area by means of nurturing effort, discipline, loyalty, and improved skill set.

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