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Last updated 19 Jan 2024
Pavilion Pitch - FIFAClosed
Pitch - Oval 1 - FIFAClosed
Pitch 1 - FIFAClosed
Pitch 2 - FIFAClosed
Pitch 3 - SSG 10/11/12Closed
Pitch 4 - SSG 10/11/12Closed
Pitch 5 - SSG 8/9Closed
Pitch 6 - SSG 8/9Closed
Pitch 7 - SSG 6/7Closed
Pitch 8 - SSG 6/7Closed
Pitch 9 - SSG 10/11/12Closed

Fueling the Fun: Our U6 & U7 Players!

Join us every Wednesday during the soccer season for our exciting program dedicated to AJSC's U6 and U7 players! For about an hour, everyone gathers at our grounds to laugh, learn, and grow their love for the beautiful game.

This program is much more than just drills and exercises. It's designed to be a supportive environment for players, coaches, and parents/guardians alike. We aim to create a positive experience where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to learn and participate.

Through engaging training drills, fun skill demonstrations, and exciting mini-games, our coaches guide young players on their soccer journey. This program embodies AJSC's inclusive and representative culture, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to shine and develop their skills.

So, lace up your boots and join us on Wednesdays! It's not just soccer, it's a community!

Why U6 & U7 Soccer is Perfect for Your Child!

Introduction to Team Sports:

Ages U6 and U7 are the perfect entry point to organized team sports, especially soccer. It's a wonderful opportunity for families to discover the lifelong benefits of teamwork and camaraderie.

Simple & Fun Format:

Our U6/7 games are Small Sided Games (SSG) with 4 players per team (2 x 20-minute halves). The focus is on maximising ball touches, scoring goals, and most importantly, having fun!


Our fees for U6 & U7 are significantly lower than other age groups, making it easy for families to try soccer. We want everyone to have a positive experience and continue playing this amazing sport.

Real Games, No Pressure:

Your child will be placed in a team and play against other clubs or AJSC teams each Saturday. Games are held home and away on alternating weeks. We don't keep score or track stats. Instead, we focus on building fundamental skills and celebrating every goal!

Convenient Schedule:

All U6 and U7 teams play at the same time each Saturday, making it easy to remember and plan around.

We Provide Most Equipment:

We supply playing shirts, grounds, goals, and other equipment. 

You only need to provide shorts, boots, socks, and shin pads.

Ready to Join?

Learn more on our FAQ page: FAQ

Start your registration journey: Register Now

Let's have a fantastic season together!

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