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Last updated 19 Jan 2024
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AJSC Coaches

AJSC offers a variety of exciting development opportunities for players, coaches, officials, and supporters! This page provides a starting point with general information and links to resources available year-round, including our core development programs.

For specific upcoming events, such as coaching clinics or supporter workshops, keep an eye on your emails and our Facebook page for announcements.

AJSC Coach Hub


Club Development

At AJSC we currently have some programs in place and are working on more development opportunities for our players, parents and coaches. Below are the current and planned courses/training we are aiming to run this year.

Junior Coaches:

We have started a junior coaching program, this is to assist young players who would like to learn more about coaching and assist the club and parents who don't have a background in the game or are new to the club and require assistance. Any junior player interested in this should contact the Technical Committee.


Coaching Platform:

This year we have partnered up with The Coaching Manual to provide a platform for coaches to download training sessions along with assist them in understanding how to coach in line with the current best practices around the world to both improve coaching and the players level of understanding.

Goalkeeper Training:

This year we are currently setting up a program with a Perth based Goalkeeping Academy to provide professional training for our goalkeepers. This will consist of 3 x 1 day sessions comprising 2 hrs at a time for each age group U13's, U15's and U17's. Our goalkeepers are an integral part of the game and our teams who don't get a lot if any specialist training during the course of the year due to the fact coaches don't have time to focus on this in detail.

Under 6/7 Program:

AJSC run a junior Cubs program on Wednesday afternoons for under 6 and 7 players, this runs between 4pm and 4:45pm and is run by the CCJSA coaches Peter & Sam with assistance again from some of our juniors.

Coach Training:

We are looking to put select and interested coaches through either "Miniroos Certificate" and or "Foundation of Football" courses. These are focussed on 8s to 12s and U13s and up with Foundation of Football now being the precursor to the C license and is the new version of the old SAP course.

Any coach interested in this should contact the Technical Committee.


Referee Training:

With the assistance of Mick Hankin (Development Office South West Referees Board) & CCJSA we continue to work with juniors to educate and train them as umpires for our junior games, without there dedication we would not be able to play. If you have a child who is interested please contact the referees coordinator at the club or through one of the committee members who will be able to assist you.

Future Development Plans:

Night soccer - we are looking at setting up a small sided competition at the end of the season playing in the evenings/at night  that will run up until the end of year holidays. The intent is to keep our young players on the ball for longer periods to asist with development and have some more fun along the way. If there is anyone interested in assisting with this please feel free to get in contact with one of the committee members to register your interest.

C License - we hope to be able to source grants or funding so be able to assist coaches who wish to further their coaching training attend the FA C license course.


CCJSA Information

Development Sessions:

Linesperson Session - 24th April 2024 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm  Australind grounds.

Throughout the year CCJSA will conduct visits to each club and offer coach development sessions, these sessions are specifically directed at coach development and not the players so please bear this in mind. Please keep a lookout for these as they will be posted on facebook coaches page and via email as they are confirmed.

Coaching Information:

CCJSA MINIROOS 2023 Coaching Guide

CCJSA SAP 2023 Coaching Guide (002)

CCJSA Game Training 2023 coaching guide (003)


CCJSA BYLAWS - 2023 - ADOPTED COPY - 27th Feb 2023_

CCJSA BYLAWS - 2023 - Extract (003)

CCJSA Match Card Procedures - 2023

Playing Formats:


U12 Playing format and rules Football West


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