AJSC Coaches

A Range of Development Opportunities exist for AJSC Players, Coaches, Officials and Supporters. This page has some general info and links on what is available year round as well as general programs. Individual events are emailed and advertised on Facebook.

Club Development

Club development are opportunities for skill for players, coaches, parents of AJSC and are provided free to the participants at various times through the playing session.

Football Federation South West - FFSW employ a regional development officer (Peter Dohnt) to manage and deliver player development programs to the clubs in the region.  Peter's time is funded from a portion of your annual fees.  Sessions will be on normal training nights and coaches may elect to replace or extend training to include these.

Session Times for 2020 - 2 Sessions per night 1 hour each (Start time to suit content and ages)

Thursday 25th June
Tuesday 30th June
Thursday 23rd July
Wednesday 29th July


Coaching Resources

Australind Coaches Face Book Page  - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1657220800960748/

Coaches Catch Up
Last Friday of the Month - at The Pavilion - Members of the Coaching committee will be available to discuss anything related to coaching in AJSC.  Join the Coaches and Page and Find out what is going on.

Last updated 7 Aug 2019
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