Registration Season 2019


The FAQ page will answer many of you questions.  Please read this before contacting the registrar's as you can appreciate, registering and allocating nearly 400 players will consume a lot of their time.

Registrations for 2019 will open in February. Please come back here or keep an eye out on our socials for exact dates and fees etc.. 



All registrations need to be in by the Cut off Date which will be March 17th 2019 - 9pm.  

You will need to be registered at both AJSC and Play Football (formally My Football Club) - see Registration Process Info below - This includes payment made in full in the form of on line payment, Kidsport vouchers received by the club or confirmed alternate payment arrangements made with the club.  If you are not registered by this date you will be wait listed and only placed in teams as the numbers allow.  Please ensure that you apply for your Kidsport and receive voucher number prior to starting registration.



This year we are using our registration system again this season that allows you to register and pay as a family.  This will also manage our communications with you  - allowing teams to manage and message players and parents during the season.  

§  Register and make payment on our website.  This is done as a family and applies all relevant discounts that you are eligible for (Coaching, Kid sport etc)

§  At the end of the AJSC registration you will be provided a link to Play Football - you will need to confirm each player that you are registering - complete the process in Play Football through to checkout (there will be no charge - the amount due in Play Football will be zero)


Why is this two step process required? At this stage we unable to link AJSC registration data directly to Play Football - we continue to request this feature.


If you have issues with the registration process please contact AJSC (, we can work through the AJSC registrations and provide information on Play Football registration process.  Please be aware that AJSC does not have any control over the Play Football registration pages and cannot resolve any issues that may arise.  You may need to contact Play Football directly on (02) 8020 4199  This line is answered from 9am to 6pm Western Standard Time.



We are unable to offer any other form of registration or payment other than online.  Many places offer community access to Internet services including local libraries.  Registration will be successful from any of these.  If you do not have a credit card or do not wish to use your card on this site a good alternative is the LOAD n GO prepaid VISA cards available from the post office.  Your local post office will be able to assist you with how these work.


Kidsport is  WA government funded program to assist with all or part of our your club fees .  To see if you are eligible visit 

If you wish to apply Kidsport program go to  

Once you have an authorized voucher and a voucher number go to AJSC registration site – Under player individual  details you can elect to use a voucher, you will need to enter the voucher number, and the amount you wish to use (up to $150 per player) - you will then need to pay any outstanding amounts or make arrangements/payment plan with the club.  Registration is only confirmed and completed once we have received the approved vouchers and matched them to your registration. 



Adult Member Contact Details - Please make sure you fill in and update the Emergency Contacts Sections.  AJSC use this not only in case of emergency contact but also as way to record our Adult Members - this will become important if you want to be a member of the new Leschenault Sporting Associating at the Pavilion - See the FAQ page for LSA membership.




Don't confuse us with the Australind Senior Club - If you are registering your child for the first time please make sure that you select AUSTRALIND JUNIOR SOCCER CLUB in Play Football pages.  If you do not see the Junior 6's to 17's then you are on the wrong site.


Please let us know what school you attend - this helps with allocating new people into teams.

If you need more information about age groups, pricing etc please look at the FAQ page on this website all the common questions are answered.



Volunteering with AJSC.  A club this size needs lots of volunteers to operate.  We have a fantastic and highly motivated committee this year and we need more people to help share the load on various sub committees, helping the canteen, setting pitches up etc.  Make yourself known to one of the committee early in the season.  We look forward to your help.


We need Coaches and Referees - each year we need new coaches and referees to ensure the club continues function and offer as many kids as possible the chance to play email




We look forward to you playing with AJSC and hope that you have a great season