2023 Committee

Your 2023 Committee. We are always looking for new people to help out around the club in a number of ways. All members are welcome along to committee meetings and get to know us - we hope that you will eventually come on board in the future.


President Kevin Cornwall president@ajsc.org.au Position Description

Vice President Sarah Cornwall vicepresident@ajsc.org.au Position Description

Treasurer Lee Tilbrook    treasurer@ajsc.org.au Position Description

Secretary Julieta Bracknell   secretary@ajsc.org.au Position Description

Registrar Andrew Watts   registrar@ajsc.org.au Position Description

Registrar David Stapleton   registrar@ajsc.org.au

Committee Members Position Description

Niall O'Conner

Debbie Andrews

Stacey South

Gabby Arnstein


Club Administrator   Vacant admin@ajsc.org.au Position Description

Game Day Coordinator Vacant Position Description

Key Volunteers

Equipment Niall O'Conner

Steve Emerson Position Description

Girls Carnival Salvatore Basile

Development Coordinator Kevin Cornwall Position Description

Social Media Vacant

Merchandise Officer Gabby Arnstein merchandise@ajsc.org.au 

Sponsorship Peter South

Social Committee  Vacant

Referees  Tara Hobbs referees@ajsc.org.au Position Description

Fundraising Peter South

LSA Representatives Rick Pederson

David South

CCJSA Representatives Kevin Cornwall

Sarah Cornwall

Platinum Sponsor